Lopaus Point is the anchor, the North Star of our business. A beautiful site on the coast of Maine where the love of food and sharing it with others rooted in a young girl years ago. Today, sharing that love with others through our delicious waffles and baked treats is our mission.

After her son and then husband tested positive for having a Celiac gene and gluten intolerance, Stacie went to work recreating all of their favorite homemade recipes. Scratch baking and cooking were and continue to be a staple in their home. Through trial and tweaking, new variations with the same delicious aromas and tastes arrived to cool in the kitchen for eagerly awaiting hands & mouths. Her family continued to bake and share, as usual, and friends were amazed that the gluten, dairy & soy had been removed. Now, we are thrilled to have sharing reach an even larger group near and far.

Stacie started in retail planning but finally gave into her never ending desire to work with food for more than just hobby. First, as a personal chef, then as the owner of her beloved Lopaus Point Market, a prepared foods market, cafe & catering company. After passing her business on to new owners and relocating to Columbus, Ohio, Stacie worked in product development on a much larger scale. Seeking something more fulfilling, Lopaus Point allows her to bring to others waffles and treats made with real, simple ingredients and produce them in a thoughtful way. She sources and uses only the best ingredients she would serve to her own family, because knowing better is doing better. 

Stacie lives in Columbus, Ohio with her husband and two amazing children, Ethan & Lily and their rescue pup, Sparkle.