Our waffles are like no other. Crisp on the outside, fluffy on the inside.

Toast, top & enjoy!

Our delicious waffles are gluten free, and have no added dairy, soy or sugar.

We use only non-gmo bananas and organic dates to lightly sweeten our batters. The reward? You enjoy whole fruit nutrition and a hint of sweetness without the addition of traditional sugar. 

It's more about what goes in, than what's left out.

You'll find our waffles more filling and satisfying than a typical 'flour & water' waffle. We use nourishing ingredients like organic quinoa flour, almond milk, pasture raised local eggs and whole fruits. Enjoy waffles that are not only delectable but make you feel great about eating for breakfast or snack time!


Perfectly freckled non-gmo bananas, 
flaxseed, quinoa & creamy almond milk

Heaps of wild blueberries, pure vanilla
& a pinch of cinnamon

Organic pumpkin puree, 
sweet date, cinnamon & nutmeg

Almond meal, a handful of
rich chocolate chips, pure vanilla


We use only organic, non-gmo & natural ingredients, no added sugars!