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Get to know Stacie And Lopaus Point

Some of you have been reading my notes for years, others have just met me. I’m Stacie, the Joyfully Obsessed founder of Lopaus Point. I love my work. Every. Day. Making the most delicious waffles isn’t all I want you to know about us. Did you know….

-We are a woman and minority owned company.

-There is heart in our team and therefore in our work and our waffles.

-"Made with love” is not just a tagline around here.

-LP began in a farmer’s market with only 1 employee, a young woman with a disability.

-We now work with GoodWill Columbus to train and employ people with learning and developmental differences. We have a 1 to 5 ratio of non-typical to typical team members. I encourage you each to look at ways to employ the underserved and highly capable people in your communities.

-We are a small company filled with big dreams and connecting with you makes that possible.

-I grew up in a beautiful but very rural part of coastal Maine.

-I was adopted as a baby.

-I am a food allergy parent and advocate. If everyone can’t eat, I generally won’t either.

-I am obsessed with my rescue pup Sparkle and helping her live her best life.

-I am Mom ❤️ to Ethan and Lily. Both attend high school and row for the crew team.

-Sweet or salty? I am salty like the ocean, chips over chocolate for me.

I look forward to getting to know you, so please reply and share.

Joyfully and sincerely,


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