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Keeping It Cool For Summer

Hello Waffle Friends!

I’m back from an incredible week on Lake Michigan. I’m not going to paint it picture perfect because that would just not be true or funny! So we arrived at the AirBnb. It was just as pictured on the outside, on a rural, dirt road. Perfect for fresh air quarantine. Not a mermaid or a golden arch in sight (yay). What came next involved me, a bunch of 7th Generation cleaners and a few trash bags to stow the crazy amount of the owner’s personal belongings left behind (comical to watch no doubt). Meanwhile the kids were having a blast--thankfully! After the first 24 hours, I was officially on Lake Time. Days of walking to and from the lake. Toes in the sand, bouncing in the cool and crystal clear lake and of course lots of simple yummy eats including local blueberries and cherries. I came back sun kissed, rested and grateful for our time away. I still love Airbnb, we just got a wild card in this hand!

The kitchen smells amazing as I write this. Toasty aromas of Wild Blueberry and Chocolate Chip waffles float in the air. We are so lucky! We had a couple of guests today. Two of our team members from GoodWill were photographed for an upcoming article for the Columbus Foundation. I am so proud of them and that they will have a spotlight on their accomplishments at Lopaus Point. We are a micro-company. If we can employ people in our community that are often overlooked for jobs, any company can. We are so much stronger because of this thread in the fabric of who we are as a company. If you want to learn more please reply and ask me!

Thank you for your orders this week. We appreciate every order. I see them all and I smile every time! I want to send a hello to a special reader, Zack, in NC. He’s a raving fan of our Chocolate Chip waffles and apparently enjoys my weekly newsletters as well.

Have a wonderful finish to your week. There’s so much good, keep your eyes and heart open!

Find the joy, share the joy, feel the joy!

With gratitude,


Hi Zack | Small Batch | Made with ❤️

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