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Ready, Set, Go!

Well hello there! I have been enjoying beautiful walks along the river after work this past week. I don’t take my phone, but always bring 1-3 of my favorite humans and of course my sweet pup Sparkle! I grew up living next to the ocean. Being landlocked in Ohio can be tough at times, so river walks are more fun than going to the park for me. Even on a gray day I know the fresh air and vitamin D are super for keeping my frequency high and my sunny side up. 

It’s Food Allergy Awareness Week. Most of you know I am a FA mom and advocate. We are the family that make flight attendants announce there is someone on board with a life threatening peanut allergy. We are the family that sometimes gets the looks, laughs and irritated low comments. What do I want people to know about living with a FA? It’s scary. Every. Day. Take that scariest day and put it 20,000 feet into the air without access to a hospital for hours, knowing that the food you must avoid the most is likely locked into the cabin with you. What can you do? Support those that are affected. Empathize instead of feeling compromised if you are on a flight like ours. Understand an allergy is not a dietary choice or preference, it is truly life threatening for millions. When you donate to food pantries, try to include foods that are allergy friendly—there is often a shortage of foods for special diets. ️ Thanks for hearing out this FA Mom filled with compassion around this topic. If you or a friend could use help navigating life with food allergies, please reach out to me. Helping others with a diagnosis is meaningful to me and no one should feel alone.

To help support people with food allergies that rely on food pantries, we are starting a 10% To Give promotion. 10% of your online purchases now through Wednesday 5/20/20 will go to providing allergen friendly foods to the Mid Ohio Food Pantry. No code needed. Order now to fill your toaster and help others in need!

Thank you for supporting small companies like ours with your purchases. We are grateful to be a part of your day.

Joyfully obsessed,

Stacie Allergy Awareness | Small Batch | Made with ️

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