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When in Doubt, Add Maple Syrup!

Lake Life--so this is about to happen. Friday my landlocked life heads north to sand and surf. No salt, no sharks. I can live without the latter and I’ll take the salt with my margarita. How is your week? (Reply and let me know, I’d love to hear from you, really!)

I got home last evening. You know how it goes, lots of extra to do items before stepping away for a week. I was tired but so grateful I noticed this car ahead of me. Woody! There he was, dangling, barely holding on but sure enough, good friend Buzz with his mighty grasp, not letting his friend go. I had a nostalgic flashback as my children grew up adoring these two characters. I then began to reflect on how we are all hanging on in some way. And how we all need to trust that our ‘Buzz’ is there for us. Maybe it’s an obvious person in our life, a spouse, a best friend, a child. Sometimes we face uncertainty but hope is our Buzz and there is always hope. (I was able to get this shot at a red light I promise.)

How are you eating your waffles this week? Right out of the toaster, plain? Topped with a little protein rich almond butter or an egg? I love seeing all the fun ways you waffle. Please keep tagging us on IG and FB. Our community grows as we share, so what you love on your waffle might inspire someone else. I am featuring how my 16 year old son Ethan eats his waffles almost daily. We lovingly call him Elf, since he too thinks everything is better with maple syrup. Sometimes you just need a little real maple syrup. Oh, speaking of, we have a local organic maple syrup that we will be featuring in our Holiday Gifting Collection. Wow, that sounds very fancy and actually in some ways it is. We are busy behind the scenes carefully curating gift boxes with many of my favorite accoutrements to our delicious waffles and you will get to meet the makers and learn a bit more about them. It’s never too soon to think about gifting and our holiday guide will be available in September.

We are shipping from the Waffle Mothership! Woot Woot as my friend Ann shouts during production. Keep those orders coming, we appreciate every single order and every time you share about us on social or with your friends. We cannot grow without you. Thank you for allowing me to have the best job of my life with the best, most dedicated tiny team.

Have an amazing week ahead. Find the joy, share the joy, feel the joy!

With gratitude,


Grateful | Small Batch | Made with ❤️

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