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I pay nearly $100 for this wretched game only to have Martin Odegaard look like a pedophile with broken gameplay mechanics. Soccer Federation President Cindy Parlow Cone said. Full scan like Neymar Jr will be the standard.

"We were delighted by the unparalleled competitiveness of this selection process

.. has come on leaps and bounds over the last decade, full-backs will still make bizarre positional decisions, and center backs will still have the urge to track runners like they're glued to them, destroying any semblance of an offside trap. I just want EA to make customs or get scans (when allowed) for as many generic players as possible! The list of talents with generic faces is rediculous, its not even funny anymore! Its embarrassing! Yes weve had a bad year because of Covid, which restricted EA's access to get scans, but the fact theyve left high profile / top requested players with generic faces is unacceptable! Konami have still been releasing 100+ new/updated custom faces every couple of months!! Covid isnt an excuse. A fantastic 23-year stint where he scored a total of 192 goals in 332 matches

.All stadiums and player faces for serie A . Theyve butchered our once beloved game and its unfixable isnt it? Even if they started from scratch it would take 5 years to bring all the features back they have removed. Why would he get any special treatment? If it is true than I had Read that there Arent much more mee Faces.

Unfortunately, another publisher had got in there first so it was decided that the next best thing would be Fifa itself

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