At Lopaus Point we make the most delicious gluten free waffles. My company is named after where I grew up on the coast of Maine. My most fond childhood memories are those spent with my mother, Eva, in our Lopaus Point kitchen. I recall picking wild blueberries in the summer, canning fresh garden vegetables for the long winter ahead and the smell of the salty ocean air on Lopaus Point. The name Lopaus Point is a tribute to the love we shared for one another and the joy that came from cooking together. 


Since the beginning, we have included team members with special needs. At Lopaus Point we believe that we are more alike than different. We are dedicated to providing training and jobs to people in our community that are often overlooked. Join us in celebrating our differences.




Our waffles are prepared in our GFCO certified facility that is dedicated to only gluten free production.


Of the 8 major allergens, as defined by the FDA, our facility processes and our waffles contain 2 allergens: Egg and Almond (tree nut).


Our founder’s family has been impacted by both food allergies and intolerances. We take both very seriously. If you have a question or concern regarding an ingredient or processing, please email us at hello@lopauspoint.com.


Our products are made in small batches and are flash frozen shortly after being produced. This ensures a fresher tasting product. Lopaus Point waffles do not contain preservatives. Over an extended period of time in natural products, it is expected flavor may deteriorate. Your best taste experience will be prior to the best by date——if they even last nearly that long!

Ice happens (for a good reason)

Lopaus Point uses whole, organic fruit to lightly sweeten our waffles. Due to the higher moisture of whole fruit, ice will likely form, especially if there has been a slight temperature change. This will not affect the flavor or texture of your waffle after toasting. Other companies use either sugar or fruit juice concentrate (industry pretty word for sugar) to sweeten and therefore they have a drier waffle with less nutrition.