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A Delicious and Nourishing Start 5/19/20

A delicious and nourishing start

Hello friends!

I hope this finds you wrapping up a nice week. I spent yesterday in Chicago looking at some tools to help us grow our waffle production. I continue to be surrounded by learning opportunities that challenge and expand my mind daily---lucky me. Have any of you taken a hobby next level to a business or worked with someone to help them grow their dream? If so, please drop me a note back, I’d love to hear about it. I am always inspired by the stories of others. Success isn’t always defined by a deal on Shark Tank or a six-figure income. Sometimes it is just about having tried and taken the chance.

I’m sitting outside writing this on a beautiful spring evening, listening to the birds and the hum of a distant mower. It seems like the perfect time of year for us to be able to return to so many of the activities we have missed. A new season, a new appreciation for what we have missed or places we have longed to be. I hope your reentry into your favorite things is safe and joyful.

Wishing you a weekend ahead of refueling your spirit.

Find the joy, feel the joy, share the joy.


Sun-Filled Spring ☀️ | Small Batch | Made with ❤️

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