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Let's Catch Up!

For those of you that have known me and the Lopaus team the longest, you likely recall my weekly newsletters. As full as my days are with joy and all things waffles, I miss the opportunity to write and share. I hope you will reply and catch me up on what's new with you or perhaps to say hello for the first time. Your notes, emails and DM's are truly enjoyed by me. If there were a way for me to deliver waffles to your door and give you a hug, well, that would be how I'd spend many of my days! Life is bustling at home with Things 1 & 2. For those who are newer, Thing 1 is my son Ethan and Thing 2 is my daughter Lily. Thing 1 is deciding how far west he can go, snowboard in tow, for college this fall. Our mailbox is flooded with college mailers. It's a bittersweet time. I have always encouraged my kids to grow up, go far, as far away as they desire. It's easiest at that age and if they don't wander, they may later wonder. Thing 2 has placed her oar on the bank for the moment and is feverishly practicing lacrosse for the spring season. With a senior and a freshman, it's a year of very different experiences for them. Lopaus Point is bustling thanks to you. My heart is full for being able to share something I created with so much love for my son with many others now. It's a lot of work and hustle to have grown from a table at a farmer's market to where we are today and to know we are just getting started in many ways. I am fortunate to call this my career (if it's a dream, don't wake me). I'm surrounded by a team of big hearted people that choose to work hard with kindness, grace and a 'can do' spirit. Find the joy, feel the joy, share the joy! Stacie

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