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Pajamas, Lattes, and Joy

Hi friends! I hope this note finds you in good spirits and health during this busy season. I am looking forward to long mornings wrapping presents in my pj's this weekend. One of my favorite AM rituals is making an oat milk latte for myself (or two). If you have yet to try oat milk, I urge you to do so--yum.

My daughter Lily requested to decorate for Christmas over the Thanksgiving holiday, which we have never done before. I feel like that simple request has carved out a little more time for holiday spirit with the tree up and the house adorned with our nostalgic decorations. I have a daily practice to be mindful and grateful. It is especially important to me in times when I feel I am on a conveyor belt of tasks and deadlines. I'm trying to write cards and select gifts with an open heart and present mind. Not only do I want to excite this special person with my gift, I am most hopeful that they can feel the love and joy I am sending along with it.

In this season of bustle, I hope we remember to smile at a stranger, forgive an annoying driver, part with things no longer utilized for others, support those less fortunate in need and to be kind to ourselves and one another.

Joyfully obsessed,


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