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Sunny Memories From Europe

Hello beautiful! I’m back from an amazing trip. My son and I started in Frankfurt, Germany and we were not alone for long. Years ago we hosted an au pair from Zürich. Although we remain very close (she is like a daughter to me in many ways) we had not seen her in about 8 years. What a contrast to see what was the little boy in her care now towering above her as a young man. A couple of days later my dear college friend from my Boston days drove from Stuttgart with her daughter to spend the day with us. We enjoyed a boat ride on the river, got lots of steps in exploring the city and had an incredible lunch. There I was in this foreign place yet reunited with dear friends I love.

Next stop Brussels! The people were so friendly, the food was incredible and waffles were everywhere you looked. We did a really great historical tour of the city on foot and learned a lot. I am sure the week I was in Europe I must have walked more than I had the entire month prior. That was key in offsetting all the amazing meals!

I met talented people from the waffle industry and learned so much in just a few days. I’m so grateful to them for welcoming me and sharing their passion and knowledge.

Back to Lopaus Point and the aroma of our incredible Strawberry waffles. Oh my goodness! Only a few batches left as we enjoy the last weeks of high summer. Thank you for following me on IG and FB on my trip!

Find the joy, feel the joy, share the joy!


Summer Days 🍓| Small Batch | Made with ❤️

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