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Belgian Waffles

Hi friends and happy Friday. There is a lot going on in my little world lately. I am leaving for Europe next week. I’ve mentioned we are growing and scaling and if one is looking for expertise in waffles, it’s hard to beat the knowledge of Belgians. We need to make more waffles but I am not willing to compromise on the quality of our ingredients or process. This trip deepens my commitment to that. I am very excited as you can imagine. Ethan has wanted to visit Europe so I am taking him with me. We will have a few days in Germany visiting friends and will then take the train to Belgium. I know this time together will stay with us forever.

If you are not yet following us on IG or FB, please do so, links below. I am going to share as much as I can from my trip with you. I’ll share food, sightseeing and all things waffles of course!

Joyfully obsessed,


P.S. Keep an eye out next week for our first Limited Batch Recipe—it’s incredible. You’ll want to grab it while it lasts!

Happy Friday| Small Batch | Made with❤️

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