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Breakfast Waffle Bowl

A toasty Banana Flax waffle, smoky coffee rubbed bacon, almond butter, chia and granola. Best eaten while working on the deck—bowl style keeps your fingers clean for your keyboard. Greetings from Lopaus Point, well sort of. I had a remote week of work from Hilton Head Island last week. Dear friends (‘framily’) invited us to spend their last week of remote quarantine with them. Although I did a solid amount of work, I also reconnected with my salty side, spending many afternoons in the ocean, my toes in the sand. We peddled every day on our beach cruisers, had big family-style dinners and ended many days with some fantastic games. Two games I was introduced to were Awkward Family Photos and Utter Nonsense, an accent game. We were incredibly silly, goofy and laughed so hard there were tears of joy! This week we are full of hustle and waffle love! We get to make waffles at our company, you get to eat them, how fantastic is this relationship? I’m excited we have a couple of larger order options for those of you that can’t keep Lopaus Point waffles in your freezer long enough. We are hoping to have this information for you by the end of the month. You asked and we listened, as it should be. Thank you to the customers that let us ‘test’ ship—you all are the best. Check out our first Live Yelp Event on Thursday—join me in my kitchen, details on how to RSVP are below. Be well—smile—spread joy— your friends, family, neighbors and the great big world needs your optimism. Thank you for being a part of our journey! Joyfully obsessed, Stacie Get free ground shipping ($9.95 off air) this week when you use code "SALTY" at checkout. Valid through Monday 6/15.

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