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Do you have ice cream for your waffles?


I’m about to dive into an afternoon iced coffee. Fridays are the day I overlook my usual ‘no afternoon caffeine’ rule. This generally allows me to get through 75% of an evening movie instead of only 50%. Can you relate?

So excited about our new three pack of waffles! You or your lucky friend will get one each of our Wild Blueberry, Chocolate Chip & The Original packs at a great deal that includes ground shipping! If you have been meaning to order or have wanted to share our delicious waffles with a friend or loved one, here’s an easy and well priced option. Our Everyday Trio will arrive in an eco-lined box with dry ice and gel packs. This is currently available to our ground zones only.

My kids are officially out of school and I fear The University of Netflix will be open soon. Having teens, it’s harder to schedule their activities. Luckily between a couple of summer classes, their jobs and a daily ‘to do list from Mom’ they can only screen so much. When I was a kid I felt like we were almost thrown out of our house if we were not at camp. We were told to go find a cousin or friend and be back by dark. It didn’t hurt that my home was on the ocean with a beach, right? Boy did I ever take that for granted, looking back, as I now live in Ohio.

Here’s to a fantastic weekend as we lean into summer! Be well and spread some kindness.

Joyfully obsessed,


Happy Toasting 🧇| Small Batch | Made with ❤️

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