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Mother’s Day Brunch At Home

Hi Friends! Mother’s Day is just around the corner. This year you can serve your special person breakfast in bed or brunch in the dining room--in the comfort of your pajamas! I am so glad we got our little online shop up and running last fall. The extra sales from your orders that we can now ship have made a real impact on our business. Thank you! If you can share this email with a friend or loved one that might enjoy our waffles, it’s greatly appreciated. Word of mouth wins over any formal advertising we’ve done. 

When not at work, I can be seen 90% of the time in my kitchen. I have been fiercely cooking and baking as if I were hosting 100 ravenous guests. Must be some sort of nesting mechanism kicking in. The bright side is my family, friends and neighbors are all enjoying the fruits of my efforts. As our states lean into different versions of re-opening, keep an open mind and heart to what others are doing. Maybe the guy at the grocery store without a mask is making an unplanned stop for something his family needs. Maybe the lady with all the bread in her cart is making sandwiches for the homeless. Perhaps the kids at the closed park have special needs or are living in a cramped walk up apartment without a yard. Let’s just assume we could all use more compassion. ️

Enjoy free shipping for Mother’s Day waffles for yourself or to gift using code BESTMOM for free ground shipping or $9.95 off air.

Best Mom | Small Batch | Made with ️

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