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Perfect Simple Summer Eats

Hi friends! I hope you have had a super week. It’s hot and sticky here in central Ohio and I have eaten more watermelon this week than in the first part of this year combined. I got out a bit more than usual from the Waffle Mothership, traveling to both Cleveland and Cincinnati for socially distanced meetings. I am so excited for the new partnerships that are forming to get our waffles closer to some of you and to new customers and friends. This is a real bright spot for little Lopaus Point.

I’m looking forward to an upcoming week in Michigan with my family. We have rented a home next to the Big Lake to quarantine in for a little change of scenery. I lovingly refer to Michigan as my ‘drivable Maine’ as it has a very similar landscape and even similar names of towns. Tall pines, wild blueberries and cool mornings are all things I love about my home state. The first time I saw Lake Michigan I was blown away at its vast presence. I really thought I was standing on the oceans edge and it was beautiful and exciting. I love the little roadside stands to buy cherries (in season) and local produce and we always partake. Many of these stands, like those from my childhood memories, operate on the honor system of paying for what you are taking. It’s even more fun when kids are operating the table as a first business. The excitement and small chat is so sweet.

Wishing you all good things in your week ahead. Thank you for your orders this week. We have new friends in CT, TN and re-orders going to many other places including Nebraska—wow—the places we will go as Seuss said. It’s still a thrill to see every order placed and every yellow box hand filled and taped by us. Exciting new bundles are coming in two weeks on our store—I’ll be sure to let you know ASAP.

Be well, be kind and remember to smile at a stranger. We could all use a smile!

Joyfully obsessed,


Summer | Small Batch | Made with ❤️

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