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Red, White, and Blueberry🇺🇸

Happy Friday! I hope you are in the midst of planning something special for yourself, family and maybe a few socially distanced friends. This year will be a 4th like no other. The 4th of July is our community’s high holiday. We’d typically leave out chairs to mark our spots for the huge parade weeks in advance. Yes, for real. Fortunately, our local civic association has altered things to offer a moving parade through most of our city. This means a lot to have something so simple remain the same with all of life’s adjustments and compromises due to the pandemic. I am grateful for all they are doing to bring us some holiday joy. May we all take some time tomorrow to reflect on the day, what it means to each of us and our country.

Tonight I will be making homemade waffle ice cream sandwiches to serve tomorrow. I had so much fun making them for our photoshoot last year and will get some new pics to share with you next week, along with my ‘how to’ tips and suggestions. They are absolutely delicious and super fun.

If your freezer is getting low on our delicious waffles, please click through to our online shop to refill your freezer. I am thankful for every order we get--we are small and each is meaningful. I personally see each order and it’s the best feeling knowing that all of you are feeling the waffle love. We have seen more gifting to your friends and families--thank you. Sending waffles is like sending a hug, I mean who could say no to either?

Wishing you a safe and happy 4th of July.

Joyfully obsessed,


4th of July | Small Batch | Made with ❤️

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