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The Waffle That Started it All 3/24/21

The waffle that started it all

Hi friends! I hope this finds you well and hopefully vaccinated. It’s so nice to see the early signs of spring-like daffodils in my yard and my neighbor's kids bouncing on our trampoline. My kids are teens now and although they occasionally use the trampoline with friends I no longer hear the high pitched giggles that come from the sweet, younger children that live on our street. I more commonly hear things like my son’s super loud music as he parks his car.

We are changing the name of my first waffle. Banana Flax started it all in my local farmers market years ago. I adore this waffle and often eat it plain, right out of the toaster. I have been told by many and experienced firsthand how this waffle can also settle an upset tummy. The flavor profile is very subtle, the organic banana is nourishing and when I have a migraine and can’t seem to think about food, it’s the one thing I turn to consistently. It also confirms what I believe, food is medicine. So to pay homage to this amazing waffle, I am changing her name to The Original. Be on the lookout in your orders and in stores for our new front label. No recipe changes because she is perfect!

We are busy bees and so grateful to be so. We have a large new retail customer coming that we can’t wait to share about in the coming weeks and this will take us to both new cities and states! If you have a favorite local store where you’d love to see our waffles, go to ‘find us’ on our website and you can print a Lopaus Point request form to leave with the store. We are also preparing for a national television feature….more deets on that next week!

Enjoy the day and find the simple daily joys--they are abundant!

Joyfully obsessed,


Welcome Spring 🌼| Small Batch | Made with 💛

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