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Waffle Love 💛

Hi Friends! Ready for the weekend? It’s been super busy around these parts. It used to be we’d experience a quieter time in the summer. I’m grateful to say not this year. Between new customers and existing ones enjoying more of our waffles, we are making waffles more than ever! (THANK YOU) A few exciting things coming up include shipping from the Mothership. We are thankful to have started our online shop last year with the help of an expert but we have the space and team to handle this onsite now. How will I focus on my work with all of those beautiful yellow boxes being filled and stacked at our dock? Images of Snoopy from Peanuts dancing would summarize my feelings on this endeavor. We are about to begin working with additional distribution partners. This will allow us to spread the waffle love to new customers east, west and north! Our best partners have been smaller, regional ones that feel there is room for everyone to have a seat at the table.  Last night I had the pleasure of being invited to attend (several did virtually) a discussion for women that own food companies based in Columbus. Some of us knew one another and others are now new friends. Part of this group’s purpose is to listen to black women and how their journey is different and harder and how we can change that. In less than two hours we had a couple of revenue generating ideas that we will roll out in 1-2 months. How about that? I saw women at earlier stages and women well ahead of me; but we have many commonalities and that felt really comforting. I wrote several notes on who I could help and who I could ask for help from. How else can I/we apply that in life? How can we be more inclusive from the tiniest gesture to grand ones? We need each other; sometimes you can see someone wearing it on their sleeve and sometimes it’s a behavioral flag that might not be well received but it’s there for us to see and hopefully answer the call. Be kind, be patient, be open-hearted. We can’t hug right now but we certainly can smile and be kind. Wishing you happiness & smiles! Joyfully obsessed, Stacie

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