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Yes, this is part of the job!

Hello lovely friends!

I hope your week has been a smooth one. We had so many orders to pack this week after our first ever flash sale. So fun! Thank you all for your orders and continued support to our small Ohio company & team. We are now masters of dry ice, know our FedEx driver by name and he’s a super nice guy, bonus!

Pictured above is some of the sticky and delicious R&D work we do behind the scenes. Remember those curated holiday boxes I mentioned? Well, we have to make sure we put in our favoritest of favorites (yes, I made that word up) items in these beautiful, hand packed gifts. Our friend Kyla over at Sweet Thing Gourmet makes splendid jams and preserves and just when we thought our picks were a no-brainer, she drops a flavor called The Ruby Slipper. What a delicious plot twist and how about that name? We are also reviewing scones and cookies (both GFCO certified) that will have you putting tinsel up in October just so you can justify ordering an early box for yourself. Next week we’ll somehow muster up the strength to brew some local beans, shoot a pic of organic bourbon maple syrup that will make your socks drop and hmmmm did someone say coffee rubbed bacon?

Well, now I have you in the mood for a serious breakfast tomorrow on what I hope is your laziest of mornings. May your day start with a toasty, aromatic, crispy Lopaus Point waffle while you are still snug in your slippers. I encourage you to head out to your local farmer’s market. I went to two last week. These folks count on our traffic like crazy. I got the most incredible tomatoes and became acquainted with a group of immigrant women from the Middle East that prepare food together and sell it as ‘new neighbors’. The hummus was unreal and I just felt a warmth in my heart talking to them and I could feel their gratitude for my small purchase. There’s so much good, keep your eyes and heart open!

Find the joy, share the joy, feel the joy!

With gratitude,


Sticky Fingers | Small Batch | Made with ❤️

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Marissa Hunt
Marissa Hunt
Sep 26, 2021

Thanks for this blog posst

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