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Can We Catch Up? 11/5/20

I've missed you too!

I hope this note finds you in good spirits in this beautiful fall season. We have been super busy here at Lopaus Point. Thank you to you for your continued orders and support. We are growing leaps and bounds thanks to our loyal fans.

Sun Basket! So this happened! Dinner box company Sun Basket thought our Wild Blueberry waffles were yummy and have added them to their marketplace. The reception has been overwhelmingly positive and we are grateful to reach new customers in so many states. Sun Basket believes in creating delicious meals with an emphasis on organic, natural and sustainable components. If you are interested in trying it, we have a special discount code for free shipping and $35 off your first order! SBLOPAUS35

Sunny side UP! So much noise out there. Remember to turn things down and even off. Focus on the small elements of your day that are enjoyable; a hot cup of coffee, massaging your pup or cat or getting a text from a friend you just adore. Although I have been absent via email, please know that I am working hard to do my best everyday for you, our beloved customer. Joyfully obsessed, Stacie 💛

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