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Making Spirits Bright 12/12/20

Sending You Waffles & Hugs

I miss you. For real. Going from a weekly or almost weekly note to a monthly has been out of necessity but it's something I truly miss. Given the size of our tiny team, there are literally times when making and packing waffles take over the time for a newsletter. I have been in the kitchen with my team the past two weekends waffling. It is truly an honor to make our delicious waffles for you. Thank you. We have added so many wonderful people this year. It is my hope to introduce you to some of them in the new year. The fabric of our company and team is so strong, it will amaze you and maybe even have you shedding a few tears. Our small company is growing thanks to you, your shares and your gifts. Know when you purchase our waffles you are keeping the lights on and are creating new jobs in our community for typical and non-typical people that have so much to offer with their hands, minds and hearts.

We were thrilled to be mentioned by THE fantastic Adam Glassman of the O Team this week. We wanted to introduce him to our new partner Sun Basket and of course stock him up with some Wild Blueberry waffles for his birthday. Adam was gracious enough to take time to put us on his highly viewed Instagram story. I grew up with Oprah like many of you and to think that we are enjoyed by the team when they try so many amazing products is well, just mind blowing!

Wishing a Happy Hanukkah to our friends celebrating! In the bustle of a unique holiday season, don't forget to pause, be patient to someone that might really need it, try not to hit your horn, and smile at every stranger. We need that little gesture of warmth right now.

We are running low on days to GIFT the waffles! If you put a note in Special Instructions, I will be the person that personally hand writes your message to your friends and loved ones. Remember to shop small & send waffles!

Find the joy, share the joy, feel the joy!

With gratitude, Stacie

Grateful For You | Small Batch | Made with ❤️

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