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O-mazing News! 1/31/21

To say we are thrilled just isn't enough!

Greetings from Lopaus Point

Hi friends and hello to our new peeps! I write this from my cozy living room, looking out the window at a thick layer of fresh, fluffy snow. It's beautiful and my family is so excited. We love winter!

This week has been incredible to say the least. We found out in real time, along with Adam Glassman's followers that we had been featured in the Oprah Magazine Healthy Living list for January. Karen, our Brand Manager, called to share the news and that was followed by about 30 seconds of screams and wows! When I popped into the kitchen to share with our team, actively in waffle production, they too were shocked, excited and all smiles! Having this huge spotlight on our company means so much to each of us!

For those that are just meeting me, I am Stacie, the founder of Lopaus Point, a food allergy parent and advocate and the mother of all waffles. I grew up on the beautiful coast of Maine and have strong kitchen roots from standing alongside my loving mother as a child. I consider myself incredibly fortunate to 'work' at the job of my dreams with a small, incredible team of people that believe in me, our waffles and our mission. I get to lead with joy and optimism as we make the most delicious waffles for all the tummies and help make our customer's days a little bit better and tastier. Wishing you all a week ahead filled with love, gratitude and wonder.

Let's Toast!


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