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Red, White & Blue.

Ready for the not-so-typical holiday kick off to summer? Me either.    I’m suddenly nostalgic for a parade, popsicles dripping in the warm sun and lawn chairs perched in the grass. This week I got 4.5 days of gray skies and rain and some chilly temps. So in my best effort to control the holiday aspect of this weekend, I commit to (with or without the cooperation of the ever indecisive Mother Nature):

  • Grilling out, even if it’s in my waterproof LLBean rain jacket (Gorton’s Fisherman yellow)

  • Buying popsicles

  • Make a batch of Mint Limeade-recipe below 

  • Playing a few games of bocce with my family (One hand for bocce, one for vino, this is an Italian game after all)

  • To remember those that gave their lives so bravely to make my weekend of freedom possible

  • To remind myself that although safety parameters are in place for the pandemic, I still walk as a woman much more freely and safely than many women on other parts of our planet

  • To lighten up, have fun and do something a little silly with my kids. The past couple of months have given us more reason to be grateful and reminded us again to not take our health or that of those we love for granted. Let’s enjoy the moments we are given!

Thank you for your orders, emails and Instagram posts (some of you are very creative with your waffles). We love seeing where our beautiful yellow boxes land. Keep tagging us with your porch pictures, package unveilings and how you love to devour your waffles--we'd love to see pics of your dogs too! You bring us joy. Have a holiday weekend filled with smiles and laughter! Joyfully obsessed, Stacie

Remember | Small Batch | Made with ️❤️

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