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Satisfy A Picky Eater 8/28/20

Prep Ahead Meals & Snacks

Hi friends. I hope you are doing well!

With back to school and work from home, we have been playing with our food again! Our Brand Manager Karen has been enjoying meals from SunBasket and added in some of their market items to her box and pantry. She took this photo with some of her favorite things to eat with our waffles. I think meals like this are satisfying on many levels. They are visually appealing, offer an array of textures and flavors and leave you satisfied and nourished. As much as I love to cook, lately we’ve had fun at home deconstructing our meals and doing family style ‘build your salad’ or other themed bowls. I feel like it makes meal planning a little more fun and freestyle a few nights a week and also everyone gets exactly what they want on their plate. Got busy weeknight tips you love? Let me know, I love to share!

I need to talk to you about shipping. I’ve probably mentioned several dozen times how small we are. Usually this is a celebration and occasionally it’s frustrating with things like shipping rates. For those of you that we reach further west and also in FL, our rates with our new shipper are, well, very expensive. I need to address this because I am struggling with it but have no control. The bottom line is that we are only charging what we are being charged for those zones, which in some cases is as much as our product. As we grow and our rates improve, it will change. There is no win for you or Lopaus in charging what we have to. Thank you for your understanding.

I was so excited to stand in a store for an event yesterday with one of our retail partners Giant Eagle Market District. It’s been way too many months. Sampling has gone from toasting, cutting and serving to safely handing out individually packaged waffles to customers. It’s still a thrill connecting with people and having them share a moment of their day to hear about Lopaus Point, my dream and our journey.

I’m wishing you a wonderful weekend ahead. Find some sun, get some fresh air and look around at all we have to be grateful for! Be well!

Joyfully obsessed,


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