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Sometimes less is best

Hi friends!

I am so very happy it is Friday. I hope your week is wrapping up nicely. I awoke to day 3 of a very painful headache, so as I write this I am also dreaming of my pajamas and puppy. 

This week at the Waffle Mothership we said a farewell to two of our dear waffle makers as they head back to their campuses to distance study for fall. That means we are set to meet some new friends for our team at Lopaus Point and I’m looking forward to that. 

Do you have a favorite local store or market you’d love to see our waffles at? Reply to let me know and we’ll try to make it happen.

If you didn’t make the Carnitas recipe from last week--please do. So incredibly good and we used the leftovers for another night making ‘Chipotle’ style bowls with roasted sweet potatoes, beans and guacamole. I am on the lookout for some new, simple weeknight recipes and I’ll gladly share them with you.

Make sure you have waffles in your freezer for ‘back to school’. Our district begins next week and I am up to my ears in emails like many of you. I am so sad to have the kids distance learn but I understand this is an unprecedented time, so I am trying to go with the flow. The good news for you working from home, you have an opportunity to share another meal with your family. No rushing to the door without breakfast or hitting an unhealthy drive-thru line. You can actually sit, eat and talk. Go for it and I hope you do so over a Lopaus Point waffle of course!

Find the joy, share the joy, feel the joy!

With gratitude,


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